Hello everyone. My name is inghoca. I’m 37 years old. I’m from Turkey, I'm a 3d nft artist and I've been in NFTs for a year. I’m the founder of the pinwheels project. 

Pinwheels are my passion and they have a special place in my life because they were my only toys in my childhood. At those times, I was working on fields with my family in our village. I had to create my own toys to have fun because we couldn't afford to purchase any of them. I used to create 2 bladed wooden pinwheels. The only material I could use was wood. I used to spend 2-3 hours making a pinwheel and playing with that pinwheel all day long. We were really happy with such little things. But we learned this fact when we grew older. I miss those days a lot and this longing is the inspiration of my art collection. With this collection, I wanted to move these pinwheels into web3 and keep them spinning forever. As they stay up there, they manifest that those childhood memories shouldn’t be forgotten. These pinwheels don’t even need wind to spin with the help of web3.

As for the collection details, these pinwheels are 1000 pixel video animations with sound effects and GIF covers. They are not generative art. They are unique 1/1. It takes one hour to create each pinwheel on photoshop. 70 percent of the items are on ETH and 30 percent of them are on Polygon. There are many pinwheel forms in the collection. You should check the opensea link. Currently there are nearly 500 items but I'm half way. I’ll create 1000 or more pinwheels in total. The more I create, The more they will be rare. So the items will reach 0.09 rarity level. So these pinwheels will be much more valuable. You can read the roadmap of the project for further details on my website or in the Linktree. I will give lifetime support to this project.

I also make special custom pinwheels at the floor price. You can directly DM on twitter and order your custom pinwheel. It may be about your NFT project, collected NFT’s or whatever you want. If you have a collection, you can send me your collection link and leave the rest to me. I will prepare it for you. With this custom pinwheel, you can promote your own nft project with an animated art form. You can also set it as an animated Twitter profile picture if you use twitter blue. The collector will have  chance to get the printable version of that custom pinwheel for free if she would like. So she can make real pinwheel from her art. I’ll also send video tutorial about how to make paper pinwheel.

As this collection is about childhood memories and toys, some of the sale income is allocated to savethechildren.org charity. They accept crypto payment if you want to donate directly. Also we handed out some real pinwheels to needy children. We will donate more when the collection reaches 1 ETH volume as the next step. It’s quite detailed on our web site's charity stuff page.

Some of the series 

in the collection

 Colour series

Animals series

Cartoon series

Flags series

Discover Countries Series

Watercolour series

Gradient series

Patterns series

Crypto pattern series

Elements series

Texture series

Fantasy series

Oil Paint series

Mandala series

Pluffy color series 

Vectoral Series

Gemstones Series

Some of the pinwheel types

Watch the Video Below

    Compatible with TWITTER BLUE

Make your  ETH based  NFT pinwheel as your Twitter Profile picture

When you click on profile picture on mobile application, It really animates ! So you can show your art to your followers  as GIF.

If you would like, after you buy a pinwheel , Dm me and claim your printable format of  the pinwheel that you bought. So you can make your pinwheel real. All you need a pin and color printer